The town of Winslow, Arizona, is known mostly for a street corner that is mentioned in the Eagle’s hit song: “Taking it Easy.” But Winslow’s heyday was back in the 1920s, when wealthy travelers departed the train at the La Posada Hotel for visits to the Grand Canyon and surrounding Indian nations. Then came route 66, with cars, trucks and more tourists, and business was good—for awhile, that is. Then the trains stopped stopping, and route 66 was sidelined with a new Interstate highway. La Posada Hotel eventually closed down when the tourist stopped coming; the truckers no longer cared to stay in the local motels. However in 1997, three creative individuals saved La Posada Hotel from demolition and the town has been given a second chance.

I’ve visited Winslow and La Posada Hotel several times now. It’s probably my favorite hotel in the world.

More on La Posada please.tipsTip: Try the restaurant in La Posada Hotel. It may be the best in Arizona!
When: August 2005 to September 2009


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