Bosra, once the capital of the Roman province of Arabia, was an important stopover on the ancient caravan route to Mecca. A magnificent 2nd-century Roman theatre, early Christian ruins and several mosques are found within its great walls. The place is sublime. [more]

In the summer of 1998 I backpacked through Syria as part of my sweep through Middle East. The little-known town of Bosra was my first introduction into Syria. And to this day, I’ve found few places (if any) as weird and archaic.

At that time, the only place to stay overnight in Bosra was at theĀ  government-owned hotel (at $100 per night). Alternatively, the caretaker of the Roman-era citadel would let you sleep in one of the castle rooms for $10 a night (which included the entry fee). And though I was the only person in the entire place that first night in the castle, and the accommodations were (let’s say) sparse, I found it to be one of the coolest stays ever.

The images in this slideshow were taken with film (before digital cameras became popular), which is why they’re a bit grainy.

unesco More on Bosra please.
When: July 1998

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