Old Cairo

Cairo is as interesting as it is maddening. Though parts are still amazing—especially for those with cameras—its once fabled glamor has long given way to over-population, an anemic economy and malaise (if not depression.) It is, though, a place one must see. Favorite haunts were the Northern Cemetery (City of the Dead), Citadel, the mosques, Coptic Cairo, and especially Old Islamic Cairo.

I’ve visited Cairo on two occasions: May 1998, and May 2005. When I arrived at the Cairo airport in 1998, I was wondering why the arrival terminal was nearly deserted. I soon learned that Luxor Temple had been attacked by extremist a few months earlier, where 58 tourist had been massacred, and the tourism trade had yet to rebound. Although a bit intimidating to have (sketchy-looking) armed soldiers near me almost constantly, I still managed to see the real city.

Both sets of image series are in this slideshow.

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When: May 1998 and May 2005