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Georgetown, Penang, 2016

Georgetown, Penang, has certainly evolved since my first visit there in December 1996. Georgetown’s gracefully decaying buildings and mixed culture were the real scene of that area.

In recent years, however, backpacker haunts like Lebuh Chulia has taken the back seat to the area on and around Lebuh Armenian street where old buildings have been nicely preserved (their decay arrested, but not overly masked) and interesting murals and other street art adorn walls and columns. Here is where the tourist (predominantly Chinese now) spend hours taking photos and riding bicycles. Yea bicycles!

See the photo album here!

It’s Thai Time

After 2.5 years in Portland, Oregon, my travel compass is again pointing me to South East (Asia). Since I consider Portland home now, I’ll return in due time. In the meantime, I’ll load up some more images of the Pacific Northwest, then, perhaps, new images from Thailand.

New & Improved

Hey there friends and fellow travel-lusters. My image gallery of global proportions has been remade; It’s now ready for public consumption. In other words: wanna see some pictures?

There’s something like 1,800 photos within the 140 slideshows. But, don’t fret! I’ve already omitted most of the not-so-interesting, or redundant, pictures. Plus, there’re arrangements of various favorites (click fav) where the lesser-interesting images have been pulled.

So, if you’re ready, go ahead and pop open that first beer and have at it. Oh, and Your comments are welcomed.