Why this slideshow website? I mean, aside from maybe having too much time on my hands this summer of 2013.
As travelers, our lives are shaped by the people we’ve met on the road and by the places we’ve experienced. So, I suppose this is my way of sharing those experiences and friends-from-afar with my larger tribe of friends.  (And it’s fun to see old pictures of ourselves and others that we’ve known, right?)

Also, now when people ask: “Dude, got any pictures of your travels?” I can say “Yeah, dude, I do!” Then I just point them here and wish them a happy journey.

A little background first…
What had originally started as an extended around-the-world trip in 1996 had, before one could say “boy, that divorce didn’t take long at all”, evolved into a nearly non-stop, certainly life-affirming, nomadic journey into more than two-dozen countries. And though I’ve parked myself here in America (“home”) for the time being, I imagine that my loin-aching lust for travel will, before one could say “Richard, haven’t you had enough pinot noir yet?”, pull me back elsewhere.

My, it’s so big!
Yes, I hear that often. But with more than a thousand images in a pile, where does one begin? I suppose the logical way — aside from providing a list in alphabetic order, divided into specific geographical locations (places) — is to offer a few Favorite (fav) slideshows? There’s also my People-at-Large (people) slideshow which are, well, just cool looking people. And… if you’re an F.O.R. (friend of Richard), my little selection of Strikingly Beautiful Friends might be fun. Lastly, there’s my slideshow of oddities (things).

Now, if you’d like to learn a bit more about me (can’t imagine why, but you might), just click here.